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Kidney Tea

Welcome to Earthroot Botanicals, where nature's purity meets sustainable wellness. Dedicated to bringing you the finest herbal products, we pride ourselves on our commitment to organic sourcing and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. Every herb and plant extract we offer is carefully selected to ensure it meets rigorous organic standards, supporting both the health of our planet and your personal wellbeing.

At Earthroot Botanicals, we believe that true health is holistic. Our range of products—from revitalizing teas to nurturing supplements—is designed to harmoniously blend with your daily life, enhancing your natural vitality. Join us on a journey to wellness, sustained by the power of nature and our commitment to ethical, environmentally friendly practices.

Discover the Earthroot difference today and elevate your health with every naturally sourced product.

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Removing Parasites!
I can’t believe these came out of me from your products bro! I’ve been releasing them for the past 2-3 day!!! At first I didn’t think they were but then I looked it up and brooo!

Brandon Miller

Los Angeles, CA


Passing Fibroids 

on Jul 10, 2023

Never was diagnosed with fibroid’s but I knew I had them due to my menstrual cycle took this tea and they starting coming out go to his page to see the actual pictures so much relief after they passed

Denise White

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Los Angeles, CA